Sweat Enthusiasts Stick Together in Perfect Sweat, New Series Debuting June 8

The seven-part docuseries homes in on the health and culture surrounding saunas.

Perfect Sweat
Photo: Brays Run Productions

Inspired by sauna guru Mikkel Aaland’s 1978 book Sweat, Brays Run Productions’s Perfect Sweat explores sweat-bathing around the world, from Tokyo to Burning Man. The seven-part docuseries homes in on the physical health, mental well-being, and culture surrounding sweat, which is having a bit of a zeitgeist moment thanks, in part, to Challengers, Luca Guadagnino’s tribute to bodies in motion.

Perfect Sweat will make its virtual premiere on June 8, Global Wellness Day, with a live screening of “Episode 1: Finland.” The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A moderated by Aaland.

Watch the trailer below:

YouTube video

Preorder tickets and All-Access passes on Eventive.

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